Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

A joint venture strategy is mostly favoured in situations where a Greenfield investment (starting a business from scratch) or an outright acquisition of a UAE company are not possible or attractive options. Profound helps clients lay the groundwork for successful joint ventures in UAE.

Joint Ventures have received a bad reputation due to propensity for disputes between the joint venture partners which invariably leads to high failure rate. The most common mistakes made by foreign joint venture partners include choosing the wrong partner, absence of a well-defined terms of agreement, not controlling and / or not monitoring the activities of the joint venture, failing to build a shared understanding with the UAE joint venture partner, etc. Almost invariably, these mistakes are a result of:

  • Insufficient due diligence; and / or
  • Underestimating the resources needed to control and monitor a joint venture in UAE

Our services include helping clients:

  • Choose better Joint Venture partners
  • Joint venture partner search and screening
  • Due diligence on joint venture partners
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Confirm strategic opportunity and aligning the JV partners’ priorities
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Business plan studies
  • Develop strategies for controlling and monitoring joint ventures
  • Safeguard know-how and intellectual property through operational initiatives

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